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Real-time communications.
Easy-to-use event-based.
GPS-free positioning solutions.
Bulk MMS.

Modern Messaging Solutions

Integrated Signaling Gateway (ISGW)

ISGW is an enterprise level system that is flexible, has a very high Signaling capacity and is economical to implement. ISGW does away with the need for individual signaling systems, but rather provides for a fully integrated signaling platform dealing with any modern messaging needs the operator may have now and in the future. Download our ISGW brochure.

Total Messaging Solution (TMS3)

TMS3 provides a scalable mobile communications platform offering a wide variety of messaging solutions and integration options for your business. It allows application and web-site developers to easily integrate mobile technologies such as SMS and USSD into existing or new projects. TMS3 - register for a free trial.

Other Products

We offer a range of unique products to compliment enhanced services for SMS, GPRS, USSD, LBS, MMSC, Billing and Value Added Services (VAS) with simple integrated architecture.