Our Clients

NetOne – Mobile operator Zimbabwe: Expansion into Africa has lead to the implementation of our Integrated Signaling Gateway (ISGW) and Total Messaging Solution (TMS) at one of Zimbabwe’s leading mobile operators NetOne. ISGW handles +/- 12 million USSD sessions per month and is Zimswitch main mobile transaction gateway. TMS facilitate the creation of a WASP environment at NetOne. Interested parties will shortly be allowed to become a WASP. A multitude of USSD services are already running at NetOne with lots of exciting ones to follow.
SAB Miller: SAB Miller launched a pilot application for taking orders from shebeens and small liquor outlets. The applications streamlines the ordering process and eliminates the need for human intervention by call-center agents. This has the potential of creating huge cost savings and ensures that the ordering data collected is of the highest quality.
1 Life Direct: Java based mobile phone HIV saliva test submission application rolled out to approximately 300 pharmacies and integrating with the 1LifeDirect back end. A photograph of the policy applicant, the applicant's ID as well as the saliva test is submitted directly into the 1LifeDirect system for action, reducing the policy application time substantially.
Zootta: FMG developed the Zootta mobile-based application which allows you to save and retrieve your contacts to and from a secure personal database for life, on any network and works on 98% of all phones.
Unitrans/Greyhound: FMG has developed a ticket booking system with Unitrans representing the Greyhound and Citilinier franchisers. Commuters can reserve and pay for tickets by dialling *120*GOBYBUS#. This was developed using FMG's TMS aggregation platform.
Senwes: FMG has been involved with Senwes since 2003 and disseminates SAFEX information to over 1000 farmers and traders. The Senwes application was the first interactive mobile agricultural information system launched in the world. The Senwes application allows users to set alerts on grain contract prices and even allows farmers to monitor their stock levels in silo's around the country.
SABC: FMG has been the official USSD partner to the SABC since 2004. The SABC application (*120*SABC#) serves the public with news, program guides and program information. There are also specific movie and soap opera portals within the SABC mobile platform.
Dairybelle: Dairybelle and FMG have launched Dairybelle Mobile whereby dairy farmers can monitor the feedback from their product analysis in better time than the existing systems. This gives the farmer an edge in identifying contamination and quality problems with the product delivered.
UFS: The University of the Free State has launched an information system on campus available to all students. This system was designed and developed by FMG and allows registered students to view their acedemic results as well as their financial positions regarding fees owed to the university.
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: FMG developed the USSD and SMS application for the department with the aim of providing real-time, fresh produce market information to the farming community. Information on more than 200 commodities from 24 markets are available. Users can also register and receive prices via SMS daily. Dial *120*4040# and try it for yourself!